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Multilingual Webcasting of your Plenary Sessions

Rebroadcast your plenary sessions on the internet, giving each listener the chance to choose the language they wish to hear!

Remote Interpreting for Side Events

Do you need another interpreter for just a half an hour? Headvox connects them remotely to the conference.

Occasional Offsite Interventions

Connect outside contributors to your conference or convention in bidirectional audio/video!

Open up your International Conferences and Conventions to the World!

Headvox Conference is a web app that enables interpreters or contributors (in active or passive mode) to be connected, whether they are local or remote, to simultaneous interpreting booths and to the sound booth and video control rooms of large conferences and conventions. This allows audio/video multilingual webcasting of the conferences and side events. Conferences can be accessed through any connected screen, and may be uni- or bidirectional. The Headvox app is compatible with most equipment configurations of standard control rooms.

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Typical uses

Headvox Conference is the ideal application for providing simultaneous interpreting directly or indirectly in:

  • Conferences and Keynote addresses,
  • Product or annual results presentations,
  • General meetings,
  • International conventions,
  • Shareholder meetings,
  • MOOCs,
  • etc…

Set up your next keynote

Technical Specifications

  • Number of participants: 2 to 1,000-5,000 in unidirectional audio
  • Number of languages: 2 to 12 or +
  • Min. duration: 3 hours (1/2 day)
  • Max. duration: 1 day
  • Mode: HQ unidirectional audio/video (or only HQ audio on smartphone)
  • Equipment: Desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone
  • Accessories: Webcam + headset or earbuds
  • OS: Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS
  • Navigators: Chrome 50+, Firefox, Opera, IE11+
  • Processors : i3, i5 or i7 or equivalent (recommended)
  • Connection: Ethernet, Wifi, 4G (min.: 300 kbps)

At the Convention

Photo taken at the opening of the event

Video 1

Connected to the conference room in French/English on video 1

Video 2

Connected to the conference room in French/English on video 2