Headvox interpreters are all professional interpreters working exclusively in bidirectional mode. They are freelance and have at least a dozen years of professional experience for the youngest of the group. They are pre-selected and recommended for your project according to their skills in the most specific and wide-ranging fields of activity, in addition to their language combinations.


The interpreters working with Headvox have received full training on the use of the online simultaneous interpreting platform. They can perform very short missions (15 minutes minimum) or intervene over the course of several days. They are organized so that they respond very rapidly to client requests, and so that they may work from their office or any other connected location.


Confidentiality is one of the fundamental ethical guidelines of the interpreter profession. Each interpreter working with or for Headvox has signed, prior to beginning any missions, a confidentiality agreement applicable to all missions that will be conferred by Headvox. For increased security, Headvox commits to not assigning an interpreter work for rival companies.

Languages and Areas of Expertise

Headvox interpreters regularly work in most of the most widely-used languages (including Asian languages) from their home, their office or any other connected location (though they may also be found working in a booth), in the following subject matter:

Agriculture, Architecture, Insurance & Bank Insurance, Automobile, Civil Aviation, Business, Cable Mill, Chemistry, Cinema, Animated Cinema, Communication, Mechanical Construction, Claims Departments (Sales), Dental, IT Development, Energy, Electricity, Household Appliances, Electronics, Forging and Stamping, Filtration, Finance, Clockmaking, IT and Networks, Imagery, Legal (Sales, Mergers & Acquisitions, Civil and Criminal), Software, Plastics, Metallurgy, Minerals, Heat and Electrical Engines, Tooling and Machine Tools, Maintenance, Medical, Nuclear, Oenology, Optical, Perfumery, Petrochemistry, Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, Reprographics, Engineering Sciences, Welding, Information Technology, Telephony, Heat Treatments, Transportation and Logistics, Ultrasound, Urban Planning, Academics, Industrial Vehicles, Veterinary Science, Video Games…

And many more…

Talented candidates are always welcome, and interpreters that wish to join the international Headvox network may send us their application here.