Headvox – what’s that?

Also known as remote interpreting, online interpreting, or video interpreting, Headvox introduces online simultaneous interpreting.

You can use the Headvox webapp while in the same room or remotely, to connect 2 participants in 1-on-1 mode, from 2 to 50 participants in Meeting mode and up to about 2,000 participants in Conference mode.

Headvox supports streaming spoken and video content, but also screen sharing and document sharing in as many languages as there are interpreters, in conditions that are as close to conventional working conditions of interpreters at traditional conferences.

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How to use Headvox (equipment and software)

For the best Headvox user experience:

  • Use a recent computer, tablet or smartphone with webcam, microphone and audio
  • Make sure your internet connection is at least 300 kbs upload minimum (100 kbs minimum if only using audio)
  • You can check your internet connection quality with Speedtest,
    (recommended bandwidth for good audio/video quality: 1Mbps download and 300 Kbps upload)
  • Use an up-to-date web browser (Chrome, Firefox or Opera, all available in free download; IE and Safari versions are still in development)
  • Or choose the “headvoxapp” on iPhone, available for free download in the AppStore
  • On Android systems, Headvox is accessible through a compatible browser with just a URL address.

We recommend connecting from a calm and quiet place for enhanced user comfort. The use of a headset equipped with a microphone is recommended but not indispensable. We do not recommend using Headvox on the go (on a train, a plane or in a car).

Connect to a session on the web (Desktop or laptop)

The procedure is identical to the one for tablet and Android smartphones
To access a Headvox session (1-on-1, Meeting or Conference) on the web: enter or click on the link in the email you received using a compatible browser (Chrome, Firefox or Opera). Or, connect to https://live.headvox.com and enter the 5-character access code that was sent to you by email, text message or other means indicated below.

1. Check the configuration of your browser

The first time you connect, your browser may ask for authorization to access your webcam and microphone.

2. Sign in following receipt of an email invitation

You can access this connection screen directly by clicking on the link that was sent by email (closed session, reserved for invited users).

On the first screen, mark your name, your job title & a valid email address, then click “continue“.

  • Your name as well as your job title are information that will appear by default in the meeting. This information can be modified from the “user” tab.
  • Your name and job title are optional. If you do not fill them in, your username will appear as “Anonymous1234“, for example.


3. Confirm your audio/video settings

  • On the second screen, check that your webcam is working (you should see yourself in the small video window) or select another one from the list. Then check that your system has selected the right microphone. When you speak, the bar located under the microphone selection box changes from white to gray then blue.
  • Ensure that the system displays your video and is picking up your microphone, and that your audio is working (to be sure that your audio is working, open an application with sound (a music file), or connect to youtube
  • Click on “confirm”

4. You are now connected to the session

You are now connected in audio/video to the session to which you were invited!

From the white horizonal icon bar on the lower lefthand side of the interface you can:

  • Enlarge the main window to full screen, or F11
  • Share your screen with the other users (requires a plug-in on Chrome)
  • Activate or turn off your webcam
  • Activate or turn off your microphone
  • Log out

On the lower righthand side, you can change your listening language:

  • Click on a flag to hear the corresponding language
  • Click on another flag to change to that language
  • Un-click all flags to hear the “floor” (everyone)

The vertical white sidebar displays the following information and allows you to:

  • Consult the information related to the session (name, duration, time remaining, number of participants)
  • Change your user settings (change your name, title and icon color)
  • View the list of users (The flag shown next to each user name represents their chosen listening language)
  • View the list of interpreters (The flag shown next to each interpreter represents the selected spoken language)
  • Activate and consult the internal messenger
  • View the connection status of the users and interpreters.


Connect via smartphone

To access a Headvox session (1-on-1, Meeting or Conference) with a smartphone:

The Headvox simultaneous interpreting platform is accessible on smartphones and tablets. iOS requires use of an app, and Android only requires a compatible browser (Chrome, Firefox or Opera).

The smartphone version of Headvox is the simplest to use, and gives you access to simultaneous interpreting in audio mode, with the same level of audio quality as the audio/video version accessible via a computer.


Connect with an iPhone or an iPad


Download headvoxapp for free on the AppStore and launch headvoxapp to access the connection screen, then enter your screenname and the 5-character access code.

Languages, access code and duration are configured when the session is set up.

Connect with an Android smartphone or tablet


Click on the link received by email or enter the URL of the session in a browser to access the connection screen, then enter your screenname and the 5-character access code if it was not already submitted through the URL.

Languages, access code and duration are configured when the session is set up.

Set up your session

The only thing left for you to do is to create and organize your first multilingual Headvox session!

Before getting started, create the user account that you’ll use to plan your sessions in all modes.

  • Type of session (1-on-1, Meeting or Conference)
  • Date and time of your meeting
  • Planned duration (minimum of 15 minutes in 1-on-1 mode, 1 hour for the Meeting mode and 3 hours in Conference mode.
  • Open session (accessible to anyone with the access code) or Closed session (accessible only by invitation)
  • Choice of languages (main languages / translated language), theme of the session (Business, finance, medical, etc.)
  • Number of participants, planned or invited (by email)
  • An initial quote will be sent to you for approval.